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Software Proficiencies:


Maya Bifrost (USD)



3DS Max

Adobe Suite: AE, PS, PR, AI, ID, etc...

Lens Studio

Gravity Sketch


I am a Procedural Technical Artist currently working as a Synthetic Data Designer. On a daily basis I use Houdini Solaris with PDG to construct USD based pipelines for synthetic data generation, as well as creating procedural assets to be used in these pipelines.


When I'm not animating you can find me rock climbing, playing board games, and watching the latest season of whatever tutorial series I'm binging at the moment.

I have scripted in:

Houdini Vex




And a few other languages




• Earn a living by experimenting with new technology and creating art
• Help define the workflow for artists working with artificial intelligence
• Help define the workflow for artists working with 3D scenes in mixed reality
• Create tools for visual effects
• Create 3D animated visuals for a museum exhibit
• Create an interactive projection-mapped environment for a theme park
• Be a learning resource for younger artists
• Invent a sport that is played in zero-G
• Create an interactive animation using robotics
• Work on visuals for a broadway show
• Something with Fractals

• Create immersive environments
• Present at Siggraph
• Teach 3D animation at a University

• Hang out with friends in VR
• Work with a musician I like on a music video
• Connect with other artists!

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